discover Austria by glass

...let's go on a journey through Austria's wine regions


...all our wines are directly sourced from newcomer an old stager winemakers


& we taste and choose all wines personally!


we offer you a colourful variety of Austrian whites, reds, natural wines & domestic gin! (folks, there's more than just gruener)


cheers from Austria! #nomainstream

our wine packages

more than 200 different Austrian wines from over 30 different Austrian winemakers from Austria's best regions - Austria pure!

our philosophy

we want you to discover & enjoy the fantastic potential & taste of Austria



in 2012 we decided to share our passion for Austrian wines with you and started our own business for Austrian wine.

all our wines age under perfect conditions (constant temperature and 60-70% humidity)

& why do we do this? ... we would like to introduce wine lovers & hobby-oenologists to first-class local wines from established winemakers and also from newcomers & previously unknown winemakers

our packages